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Basic Manicure
Organic Spa Manicure
Shellac Gel Manicure
(*)Certified Organic Spa products: Naturally hydrating and antioxidant-rich with Argan Oil from Morocco and Botanical Extracts. Paraben free.


Basic Pedicure
(Shaping, cleaning, cutting cuticle, exfoliate dead skin with sea salt, mini – massage, hot towel and polish)
Spa Pedicure with Callus Treatment (40 min.)
This treatment consists of soaking in the whirlpool pedicure tub, followed by filing, shaping, cuticle trimming, callus removal, exfoliation, a soothing mask, a relaxing massage with hot towel and a final polish of your choice.
ENJOY YOUR LIFE with our following Deluxe Spa Pedicures. All these services will be treated with 100% ORGANIC products. They provide moist heat therapy, perfectly targeting your lower legs and feet to relieve pain and stiffness.
Extra charge for additional massage: $1.00 or 1 min.
Deluxe Lemongrass-Green Tea Pedicure (55min.)
The scent of Lemongrass and Green Tea refreshes the mind while the paraffin treatment relieves stress and tension by the special blend of Vitamin E, and finish with an invigorating massage. We guarantee you'll love it!
Deluxe Lavender-Mint Pedicure (55min.)
Relax in a luxurious sultry scented bath steeped with fresh Lavender essential oil rich in sea salt. A hint of Mint in scrub calms, relaxes, and decreases fluid retention, swelling. Your feet will feel the best they ever have.
Deluxe Mandarin-Mango Pedicure (55min.)
A "facial" for your feet! Exfoliation, special re-hydrating and rejuvenation treatments are a great way to treat premature aging of the skin. A perfect blend using Organic Mandarin-Mango for its antioxidant properties and natural fruit enzymes to help protect against further damage.
LUXURY Hot Stone Pedicure (75min.)
Our top of the line signature pedicure! You can customize by choosing one of our above delicious scents. An extra long massage with Organic Oil along with Hot Stones tops off our unique and relaxing pedicure. The essence of hot stones penetrating warmth and healing energy puts the bounce back in every step.


Acrylic full set
Acrylic fill-in
Permanent French full set
Permanent French fill-in
Gel full set (FREE Shellac Gel Color)
Gel fill-in (FREE Shellac Gel Color)
Liquid Gel full set
Liquid Gel fill-in
Solar Pink and White full set
Solar Pink fill-in
Solar Pink and White fill-in
SNS Color Nail Dipping
SNS French Nail Dipping
Silk full set
Silk fill-in
Nail Cut Down (whole set)
Nail Fix (each fingernail)
White or Colored French
Polish Change
Hand Design


Acrylic full set


using Dermalogica products
Revitalizing Eye Rescue
30 min. $40
Designed to firm and tone the eye area. Helps to diminishes fine lines, reduce puffiness while soothing and firming tired eyes.
European Facial
65 min. $70
A classic European facial combined with eucalyptus oil to relieve nerve stress and congestion. It will visibly transform the skin within 65 minute to firm, lift, and add radiance with vitamins E, F, C, and ginseng. This facial is highly recommended.
Acne-prone Facial
75 min. $80
The entire system of products effectively clears while calming inflammation and eliminating acne-causing bacteria. The deep pore cleansing will help to heal impurities, reduce excess sebum to prevent future breakout.
Hydroxy Acid Exfoliation
60 min. $70
Reveal your new skin based on this dual effect treatment of papaya and pineapple enzymes blended with natural fruit acids of apples, grapes, oranges, and lemons to eliminate dead cells and impurities that contribute to a dull complexion, pigmentation marks, and fine lines. Your skin will look and feel cleaner, fresher, and younger, regaining its luminosity. Recommended in a series of six facial treatments ($30.00 OFF).


* Increase length and volume
* No mascara or perms needed
Temporary eyelash extension
Semi-permanent eyelash extension
Permanent eyelash extension
3D Eyelash extension
Eyelash or Eyebrow tinting
Eyelash Extension are easy to maintain, the first twenty-four hours are crucial for a strong bond. You should keep your lashes dry and avoid touching them. After twenty-four hours, care is fairly simple: avoid oil based products and be gentle with the lashes. They are resistant to water, sweat and tears.
In general, to maintain your new look and extend the life of your lashes, follow these simple guidelines

For the first 24 hours after application the lashes should not be exposed to water or steam to allow the adhesive time to fully bond. We recommend avoiding swimming and the spa for 48 hours after lash application for best results. A competitive swimmer who is constantly in the chlorinated water may lose some lashes earlier than the average person as may someone who gets very frequent facials (weekly) or goes into the steam room daily. Doing an above average level of activities related to heat or constant water exposure may weaken the adhesive bond causing some early lash loss.
Be gentle with your lashes; do not pull on the extensions or rub the eyes excessively.
Avoid the use of oil-based products on or around the lashes and do not use waterproof mascara. Water based mascara and water based mascara remover may be used if desired. Apply the mascara sparingly and remove it gently with a water-based eye makeup remover. Apply mascara on the tips only. Note: Eyelash Extension are ideally suited for individuals who want longer, fuller lashes without the need for much additional eye makeup. Constant application of heavy eye makeup, particularly mascara and eyeliner, may reduce the lifespan of your Eyelash Extension and require more frequent touch ups.

We recommend getting a touch up every two to four weeks to maintain maximum fullness of your Eyelash Extension. A natural lash typically sheds every 60 to 90 days and is replaced with the growth of a new eyelash. Since Eyelash Extension are applied one by one to each individual hair, after 2-4 weeks, approximately 1/3 of the lashes will have cycled out. At this point, touch ups are required to replace the lashes that have completed their life cycle. Touch ups generally take a short time and are relatively inexpensive.


3D-Eyebrow Microblading
Microblading 6 to 9 months touch up
Microblading 9 to 12 months touch up
Beauty Mark
Eye Liners
Lip Liners
Full Lip Color
Permanent Make-up is the perfect solution that gives you a natural, go-anywhere look whether you want to accentuate your eyes, outline lips to enhance their fullness, or feather and contour eyebrows. It will leave you with a no-fuss, “wake-up beautiful” face.
Our permanent makeup artist Suzanne has performed more than 10,000 cosmetic enhancements. As a beauty artist, Suzanne will create a more radiant and youthful you
Client Safety
We are dedicated to provide the safest services to our clients. We employ safe technology and procedures for cosmetic enhancement and restorative purposes. We use federally approved, allergy-tested pigments that are carefully implanted into the skin for permanent enhancement. The pigments are comprised of organic and inorganic compounds and do not contain any heavy metals or iron oxide.
Most other permanent make-up clinicians use pigments containing these heavy metals or iron oxide causing the pigment to fade quickly. In addition, iron oxide will distort images during any MRI exams, resulting in skin irritation.
Amour Nails & Spa uses only MRI-safe compounds.
We work with special care under sterile conditions, using micro-implantation instruments exclusively designed.
Before pigments are implanted in the skin, Suzanne is first drawn on to allow for clients an opportunity to envision the intended look and enable them to request any adjustments before permanently applied. During an elaborate consultation with her, you will be able to choose the exact colors and contours you desire. This personalized attention provides our clients with the perfect complement to their skin tones, hair color, wardrobe and lifestyle while simultaneously creating a rejuvenating and natural look.


Make sure not to tan 24-48 hours before waxing. If you are using Accutane, Retin-A, Differin, Renova, blood thinners, alpha hydroxyl products or have high anti-biotic use, you may not be a good candidate for a waxing.
Eyebrow Shaping
Upper Lip or Lower Lip
Full Face
Sides of Face
Upper Arms
Lower Legs
Lower Legs and Knees or Toes
Upper Legs
Full Legs
Back or Chest
Back and Shoulders
Back, Shoulders, and Upper Arms